M. Tech. (IT) Specialization in Robotics at IIITA

Machines will do work for us and we will work to make them intelligent

HOAP-3 The humanoid robot

Introduction and Motivation

This branch of M. Tech. (IT) is specifically but not restrictively working on the Robot related research and development in IIIT Allahabad.


The word "robot" originates from the Czech word for forced labor, or serf. It was introduced by playwright Karel Capek, whose fictional robotic inventions were much like Dr. Frankenstein's monster -- creatures created by chemical and biological, rather than mechanical, methods. But the current mechanical robots of popular culture are not much different from these fictional biological creations. Basically a robots consists of:


A mechanical device, such as a wheeled platform, arm, or other construction, capable of interacting with its environment

Sensors on or around the device that are able to sense the environment and give useful feedback to the device


Systems that process sensory input in the context of the device's current situation and instruct the device to perform actions in response to the situation In the manufacturing field, robot development has focused on engineering robotic arms that perform manufacturing processes. In the space industry, robotics focuses on highly specialized, one-of-kind planetary rovers. Unlike a highly automated manufacturing plant, a planetary rover operating on the dark side of the moon -- without radio communication -- might run into unexpected situations. At a minimum, a planetary rover must have some source of sensory input, some way of interpreting that input, and a way of modifying its actions to respond to a changing world. Furthermore, the need to sense and adapt to a partially unknown environment requires intelligence (in other words, artificial intelligence).


HOAP-2 The humanoid robot

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