The projects going on in Robita lab are …….

To design a microcontroller based Adaptive Modular active Leg with sensor and actuator equipped with intelligent decision making from CPG (Central Pattern Generator) and to design software to download the control parameters inside the microcontroller and perform hardware identification.

Simulating Humanoid Robot Actions on Webots Simulation Platform

The system comes Tuff-Stuff toolbox that stores all the parts and tools. You get six servo-motors, nylon connectors, a gripper hand, wiring, an adapter box that connects the RCS-6 to the parallel port. The robots are controlled through microcontroller (AVR Atmel)  program that's easy to operate, but sophisticated enough to allow macro programming for complex operations.

The robot incorporates stereoscopic vision for long range obstacle detection and infrared proximity sensor for short range obstacle detection. The stereoscopic vision for obstacle detection utilizes laser targeting to achieve optimization in determining distances at a much lower cost than the commercially available range scanners. The robot also has a HCI (Human Computer Interface) via a multimedia interface. The control software of the robot is capable of taking voice commands from a user who has the master rights to robot. It utilizes probabilistic reasoning approach. The entire software  and control firmware of the robot has been designed with an embedded approach in open source Linux which makes it easily  portable  over  different hardware architectures

AMAL - Adaptive Modular Active Leg

Maneuvering Robotics Arm using Robix Software

Implementing Technology on Humanoid Open Architecture Platform (HOAP)

MILO - Mobile Intelligent Linux Robot 

Project List

PLC Machine (Programmable Logic Controller for Designing Industrial Automation)

Machines will do work for us and we will work to make them intelligent

M. Tech. (IT) Specialization in Robotics at IIITA


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