Our vision is to nurture minds towards creativity and steer. Their talents towards high quality research in different areas of information technology. We have our state of the art facility to learn complex concepts of Artificial intelligence.



Our mission is to create an international standard , excel in the area of robotics and cognitive sciences, to produce high quality engineers having self confidence in nation, knowledge in building endeavor and a brand name for the institute as a temple of  learning.



A robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move materials, parts, tools, or specialized devices, through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks, having at least four d.o.f without gripper.


To qualify as a robot, a machine must be able to:

·  Sensing and perception: get information from its surroundings

· Carry out different tasks: Locomotion or manipulation, do something physical–        such as move or manipulate objects

· Re-programmable: can do different things

· Function autonomously and/or interact with human beings

· Must have at least four D.O.F without gripper

Machines will do work for us and we will work to make them intelligent

Robita Lab
Room No. - 2206,

Indian Institute of Information Technology
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Allahabad, India
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M. Tech. (IT) Specialization in Robotics at IIITA